With a 130-year history, Morses Club was formed in 2015 from the integration of Morses Club and Shopacheck Financial Services.

Morses Club PLC was formed in May 2016. We now have two divisions: Morses Club, our home collected credit division; and Shelby Finance Limited, our digital division, set-up in 2019 following the acquisitions of CURO Transatlantic Limited and U Holdings Limited.

Our Purpose

Helping to improve the financial lives of underserved and excluded customers.

Our Vision

To build the market-leading non-standard credit company in the UK – with the customer at the heart of our business.

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  • Synergistic business divisions, with widening digital offering
  • High levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Scalable, highly invested online technology platform
  • Responsible, customer-focused culture
  • Growth opportunities through our digital product offering

Operating under the Morses Club brand, we provide small, short-term loans to customers who need affordable credit and are often unable to access traditional High-Street lending.

Our model is based on a loan issue and collection process via agents that typically live in the same communities as our customers. Due to Covid-19, we have adapted our operating model to work remotely using our existing technology platform to maintain customer contact and collection activity and a new remote temporary lending process to deliver cashless lending to existing customers.

Customers value the simple, fixed payment weekly collections model and the fact that no charges are levied for arrangement or if payments are missed.

We ensure that customers are supported through any short-term difficulties as part of our approach to forbearance.

The majority of our borrowers are repeat customers, and customer satisfaction rates are consistently at 97% or above.

We are the second largest UK Home Collected Credit lender, and serve customers throughout the UK through our network of 1,385 (FY20 1,695) self-employed agents.

Our Shelby Finance Limited subsidiary operates under one online brand.

Dot Dot offers online instalment loans of up to 48 months

Dot Dot is a fully online lending provider, which was launched in March 2017. The product offering aims to serve the needs of 2 segments of the lending market: short-term 3-6 and 9-month duration loans serving customers who want to borrow £200-£1,000, and loans of £1,500- £4,000 for those customers who want to borrow more over a longer term of up to 48 months.

"We have made significant progress in enhancing our product offering to our core customers. We want to build the UK’s market-leading non-standard credit company, with our customers and our people at the heart of our business."

Gary Marshall CEO