The Morses Club brand has a history dating back 130 years, with the current Group having been established in May 2016.

We have two divisions offering distinct forms of non-standard finance, home collected credit and digital lending. Together, our two brands provide flexible, affordable and convenient access to credit for over 141,000 customers in the UK.


Operating under the Morses Club brand, We provide small, short-term loans to customers who need affordable credit and are often unable to access traditional mainstream lending.

We operate across the UK and our teams are based in the communities they serve.


Dot Dot offers online instalment loans of up to 48 months.

Dot Dot has operated as a fully online lending provider since its launch in March 2017, offering instalment loans to serve the needs of the online lending market:

  • short-term 3-6 and 9-month duration loans serving customers who want to borrow £100-£1,000
  • loans of £1,500-£5,000 for customers who want to borrow more over a longer period of up to 48 months.

      Dot Dot Loans 2020 logo

Established market position

  • 116,000 HCC customers across the UK
  • Strong underlying trading performance, with high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • #1 Home Collected Credit company in the UK

Sound risk management

  • Prudent credit risk policy: stringent criteria applied to every customer, every loan
  • High levels of operational experience and knowledge of the sector

HCC division now developing to meet market opportunity

The Company has made changes to its credit policy and lending approaches in line with customer and market demand. This includes the introduction of breaks in lending, further assessments of affordability before loan issuance, monitoring payment performance requirements as well as continuing to assess the terms and value of each loan for each customer’s circumstances.

  • The Digital division starting to trade profitably at the end of the year was a significant milestone.
  • Customer numbers increased by 48% during FY22 to exceed 43,000 at the end of the year.

Our Vision

Simple, flexible credit for people who cannot typically access mainstream services.

Our Mission

To provide relevant credit solutions, in-person or digitally, based on understanding people’s needs and circumstances.

Our Purpose

To meet the real needs of our customers, supporting them to a better financial life.

"Trading throughout the year was strong in the context of robust demand for lending. We remain focussed on delivering the opportunity to develop our future."

Gary Marshall CEO