To secure our long-term success, it is important to engage with our stakeholders and take account of their perspectives.

Lending responsibly to customers

Treating customers fairly is the foundation of our approach.

Our business model centres on responsible lending and collection of repayments. We assess every application for credit against stringent criteria, taking into account affordability and credit checks. We have a simple charging structure, with no penalties for delays in repayments, and self-employed agents are paid in commission based on collections, not sales.

Supporting our employees

Our experienced, and dedicated workforce is a key asset of our business.

We have an open, collaborative culture and provide all our employees with opportunities for personal development and career progression. We conduct an annual engagement survey. Our overall score for FY20 was 65%, reflecting significant changes in the business during the year.

Supporting our self-employed agents

Our network of self-employed agents is our interface with customers in communities around the UK.

They live locally in the communities in which they work and develop valued relationships with our customers. We offer our agents flexible and rewarding, commission-based roles and provide the support and tools they need to work efficiently, effectively and flexibly in the local community.

Supporting our communities

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in.

In addition to the contribution we make to communities by providing financial inclusion to people precluded from borrowing from mainstream lenders and work opportunities for self-employed agents, we also raise money for charities. During FY20 we raised £15,000 for local community initiatives.