Our Strategy

We responded to the pandemic by accelerating our digitalisation strategy. Despite the transformation, our overall strategy remains the same.

Our Vision

To build a market-leading non-standard credit company in the UK – with our customers and our people at the heart of our business.

To offer HCC customers a pathway to our full range of financial products, focusing on what customers want, what they can benefit from and what they feel is appropriate. We will seek to reward good customers with longer-term and lower cost products to improve their financial wellbeing.

Within our digital division we want to see ambitious volume growth, enabled by the improvements we have made to our systems, practices and procedures during 2021.

  • Rapid acceleration in digitalising our HCC offering, moving many services from “doorstep to digital”.
  • Launch of remote lending product to deliver cashless lending to new and existing HCC customers.
  • Majority of lending and collecting are now digital and remote, with strong growth in customers using the digital customer portal.
  • New blend of digital and face-to-face customer service

There is a proven demand for additional products in a large and underserved market. We will leverage the skills and experience within the business to launch new products and services that appeal to a broader customer base.

We continue to seek to make selected acquisitions in the non-standard finance markets.

  • Launch of Loan management platform.
  • E-money current account services products moved onto a new more scalable platform.
  • Development of new longer-term, lower cost and revolving credit products, which we will offer to our banking customers in Q1 FY22.

We remain committed to doing the right thing for our internal and external stakeholders.

Our size enables us to be agile and flexible, being driven by the changing needs of customers and colleagues whilst acting in a professional and sustainable way. Safety and wellbeing have both been key priorities throughout the year.

We maintain a proactive and positive relationship with the regulator, maintaining regular communication.

  • Ongoing investment in customer dialogue and feedback, evolving our approach in line with new processes.
  • Employees engaged four times during the year to check on wellbeing and productivity.
  • Engaged in comprehensive communications with our agents to support them through the pandemic.
  • Tracey Mulligan was the winner of the Transformation of the Year award at the Women In Credit Awards 2020.