Our Strategy

We want to offer our HCC customers a tailored offering, linked to their needs and credit profile. Over time, we will seek to offer our good customers longer-term and lower cost products to improve their financial wellbeing.

Subject to evolving regulatory requirements, we will seek to drive volume growth among HCC and digital customers, to support greater numbers of customers in an environment of increasing costs of living and fewer regulated providers of credit.

  • Retained blend of digital, remote and face-to-face lending and collection, and embedded cashless lending proposition to new and existing HCC customers. 82% of HCC customers use the digital customer portal.
  • We seek to reward good customers with longer-term and lower-cost products to improve their financial wellbeing

We remain committed to doing the right thing for our stakeholders. Our size enables us to be agile and flexible, driven by the changing needs of customers, colleagues and the regulator whilst acting in a professional and sustainable way. Safety and wellbeing continued to be priorities throughout the year.

We maintain a proactive and positive relationship with the regulator, and engage in regular communication.

  • Ongoing investment in customer dialogue and feedback.
  • Employees engaged during the year to check on wellbeing.
  • Engaged regularly with our agents to support them through the pandemic.
  • Withdrawal from all long-term property leases with the exception of Nottingham